Weather Watchers Downgrade Prediction to Cat 1 Tropical Cyclone over Samoa by Wednesday


The Samoa Meterological Service confirms that there is a low pressure system to the north-west of Samoa that could still intensify into a Tropical Depression as it moves over Samoa in the next 24 hours.

“The system will maitain widespread rain over the country with heavy rainfalls and strong winds expected to reach TC cat 1 force by Wednesday with very rough seas”.

“The low pressure system that was expected to develop to the northwest of Samoa remains a concern for safety,” reads the latest weather forecast.

The system NW of Samoa

The weather watchers say that there is still a high tendency for the system to reach a Category 1 cyclone by Wednesday “rather than a Cat 2 as predicted” since the system is reported to be 200 kilometres to the south of Samoa.

Category 1 tropical cyclone is estimated to have 10-minute sustained wind speeds of 34–47 kn (39–54 mph; 63–87 km/h), while a Category 2 tropical cyclone is estimated to have 10-minute sustained wind speeds of 48–63 kn (55–72 mph; 89–117 km/h).

The public is advised to contact the Forecasting Centre on 20855 or 20856 ext. 421 or visit the SMS website for any concerns or questions