Vodafone headquarters at Maluafou

The newly launched Vodafone Samoa is pleased to announce their commitment to our country by means of investing a total of $2.4 Million Dollars (USD) into upgrading its network infrastructure to meet customer requirements. This will by far be the best Data & Voice experience citizens of Samoa will enjoy.

Vodafone Samoa’s internet usage has surged as the country is encouraging social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic; whereby organizations have implemented work-from-home plans for their employees, families turning to Netflix, students researching online educational materials and a wide range of other online activities, thus creating a greater demand on Vodafone’s network in certain areas.

“We expect this trend of data growth to continue; hence we have invested $2.4 Million USD into this project to upgrade our mobile data core to help cater to our current data performance including that of future loads. “

“Rest assured our technical teams are working tirelessly to resolve the data performance issue to their utmost best. With this new investment, we are confident that our customer’s internet experience will be brought back to normalcy. Therefore we welcome new consumers onto our digital platform, as it is the future of Samoa.” Says Vodafone CEO, Satish Sharma.

Vodafone’s primary importance is maintaining the resilience of their network and ensuring there is 100% uptime and availability such that any customer can make and receive calls from friends, family, online usage and be available for any emergency.

“We understand that these are trying times for the world and for our beloved nation of Samoa and we ask for your patience whilst our technical teams are performing an outstanding job to ensure that this resiliency is met.”

“We stand by our Covid-19 Support plan released last week. And that is, your Vodafone Family will be playing a critical role in supporting our nation during this unprecedented time by striving to ensure our people stay connected to their family and friends, businesses can continue to run using remote working, our health services get all the support we can deliver and students can continue their education virtually.” Concluded Satish Sharma, Vodafone CEO.

For all media enquiries please contact Vodafone’s Brand & Communications Manager, Yolande Matagi via email on yolande.matagi@vodafone.com.ws