Vodafone Releases Music Video featuring Rising Star Vaesala Talavave


Vodafone Samoa have released its Music Video titled ‘Together We Can’ featuring lead singer Vaesala Talavave from Paul VI College.

The 15-year-old rising music artist from Paul VI College was honoured during the launching ceremony held at the Vodafone headquarters at Maluafou on Wednesday.

In February this year a video of Vaesala singing posted by her music teacher on Facebook went viral amongst Samoas both local and abroad.

The video covering Bruno Mar’s Hit Song “When I was Your Man” was posted on a page named Baba Yaga Don.

It shows the Fasito’o Uta youth singing and effortlessly reaching the high notes while her music teacher plays the piano as back up.

The home video caught the attention of Vodafone staff as well as renowned band Pacific Love.

The recently released Together we Can music video is an advertising jingle for Vodafone, also featuring reigning Miss Samoa, Haylani Pearl Kuruppu.

Much of the video was filmed at Vavau Beach in Samoa, with one shot showing Miss Samoa arriving at Faleolo International Airport on a Talofa Airways flight.

Acting Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Samoa, Rana Bose said this is the power of technology which can help build careers for talented youth like Vaesala and social media can play a very important role.

“Today, the world is talking about soft power of a country which signifies how culture can create social and economic influence,” said Bose.

“The strong cultural heritage of Samoa and its music can build international recognition and influence for Samoa.  The Vodafone marketing team worked very hard, and it took almost three months to execute the music video.”

“Samoa provides some of the world’s best locations for filming and has the potential to be developed as a preferred destination for filming in addition to tourism.”

“Vodafone will continue to promote Samoan talent and the country through music.” concludes Rana Bose.

“Words cannot express how proud I am of my daughter”, said Talavave Fa’ai’ugame Pulou, Father of Vaesala.

“I thank Vodafone Samoa for recognizing Vaesala’s talent and for giving her a platform to expand her talent..

“Vaesala loved singing from a very young age, and we are privileged for this opportunity given by Vodafone to help her chase her dream.”