Vodafone Partners with Ministry of Health to Push Vaccinations


The Vodafone Samoa mobile company has come on board to work closely with the Ministry of Health in terms of promoting the importance of getting vaccinated.

Speaking today at the More For All win a car promotion, Tagaloa Dr Robert Thomsen revealed that the Ministry of Health is now working in partnership with Vodafone Samoa to push the community to get vaccinated, not only the Covid19 Vaccination but the other four that are now listed for roll over soon.

Tagaloa says, the partnership with Vodafone will help to inform the whole community on social media and direct SMS messages as well as helping to educate people about the importance of getting vaccinated, not only for Covid19 but also other vaccines for infectious diseases.

Tagaloa Dr Robert Thomsen, Assistant Director General of Health

“Vodafone has been offering to assist since it’s launch, and they also stepped in for the measles,” Tagaloa says.

“The importance of having Vodafone as one of MOH’s key partners, is to help inform our country about the plan of a rollout, especially since we have four new vaccinations…

“Some of these vaccines”, says Tagaloa, “include the Typhoid vaccine which is for people 12-45 years only and also the HPV which will protects women from cervical cancer”.

Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone, Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma says it is important to have accessible information on social media and through SMS messages.

Nofoasaefa said since Vodafone came on board, they’ve also assisted the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture in terms of free educational sites for children to access, assisting them with their school work.

“That free service doesn’t allow Facebook or any social media links that are not helpful for children’s educational needs..

“This partnership will continue as long as this company exists because our priority is to benefit the community through efficient mobile service”, says the Vodafone CEO.

Marieta H Ilalio