Vodafone National 7s: Four Tough Quarterfinal Matches


Inspired by the Manu Samoa 7s win over New Zealand on Friday night, the top 8 teams of this weeks Vodafone National Sevens put on a display of quality rugby in all four quarterfinal matches.

Vodafone National 7s at Apia Park

Newcomers Tumua from Afega trailed Tepatasi by 21-17 in the first quater final.

Next up Pacific Ezy Safotu kept Ott Constructors Laulii tied 7-7 at halftime and were edged out by 20-10 by the Lions.

The brotherly rivalry match between BBE Vaiala and SCB Apia was a close 14-12 with Vaiala advancing.

And in the last quarterfinal, Vailima Marist upset Ott Constructors Tama Uli in a match that saw 5 yellow cards issued to Tama Uli. Marist ran away with the match, again with a tight score of 17-10.

The semi finals will see Vaiala meet Marist and Laulii face off against Tepatasi.