Vodafone and Lakapi Samoa Announce Renewed Partnership to Support Samoan Rugby Talent


    Vodafone is thrilled to announce its continued Partnership with Lakapi Samoa , the governing body for Rugby Samoa, for the 2023 -2024 season.

    With the highly anticipated World Cup just around the corner, this partnership reinforces both parties’ commitment to nurturing and promoting the talented athletes of Samoa.

    Recognizing the significance of supporting the “Sons of Samoa” as they embark on their rugby journey. Vodafone is dedicated to fulfilling its social responsibility by investing in the incredible talents that have emerged from the local community.

    The enduring relationship between Lakapi Samoa and Vodafone spans several years, exemplifying the shared vision of empowering young players and turning their dreams into lifelong carrers.

    Through this partnership, Vodafone has continuously supported the development of local players, providing essential resources, training facilities and financial aid. These investments have been instrumental in enabling Samoan Rugby players to reach new heights and represent their nation on the global stage.

    Vodafone family believes in the potential of these athletes and is committed to ensuring their success through collaborative efforts. The following teams and their matches are included in this sponsorship.

    1 Manu Samoa

    2 Manu Samoa test matches

    3 Manusina 15

    4 Manuma Samoa

    5 and so much more

    The forthcoming World Cup holds immense significance for Samoan rugby and Lakapi Samoa and Vodafone are united in their unwavering support for the Manu Samoa National team. With the backing of Vodafone’s extensive network and resources, Lakapi Samoa is confident in its ability to prepare the team for a strong and competitive performance in the tournament.

    Beyond the World Cup, Lakapi Samoa has organized various other tournaments to provide opportunities for local players to showcase their skills. Vodafone continued Partnership will contribute to the success of these tournaments, Fostering a thriving rugby culture in Samoa and inspiring future generations of athletes.

    ” Lakapi Samoa acknowledges the extension of its partnership with the Vodafone Samoa team in supporting our elite 7s program teams through to the next twelve months. This also includes continuing support during these past difficult periods and we look forward to an ongoing partnership to future success.” Said Faleomavaega Vincent Fepuleai, CEO of Lakapi Samoa.

    ” Vodafone would like to extend its best wishes to the Manu Samoa team as they prepare for the World Cup. The company is honoured to be part of their journey and remains committed to working alongside Lakapi Samoa to achieve shared goals and aspirations.” Said Rana Bose, CEO of Vodafone Samoa.