Quiet Day for Vaccination Sites – Public Encouraged to get Boosters

Vaccination site at Moataa, Fri 1st April 2022.

There are four vaccination sites open today Friday 01 April that include EFKS Hall, Moataa, Vailele Primary School, EFKS Hall Vailele, Falefitu Primary School, Faatoia.

Today being a non-exempt day for the national lockdown has left many unaware that the four sites are open.

Parents who’ve gone for their boosters and taken their children for their second shots say it was a nice and peaceful at the Moataa site.

For Saturday the sites have been announced as:  the EPI Building across from Seb n Renee Motootua, MOH Credentialing Centre Motootua, Health Centre Matagialalua and All District Hospitals across Savaii and Upolu.

Acting Director General of Health Dr Glenn Fatupaito has called for Samoa to all come forward for booster shots.

Speaking to SGN, Dr Fatupaito said it is likely that we would all need to get boosters every six months to ensure we are well protected and able to minimize the effects of Covid-19.

“It is important for Samoa to understand that being fully vaccinated and boosted does not protect you for the virus, but it greatly narrows the chances of you ending up in hospital if you are infected, and greatly reduces your chances of getting severe disease,” said Dr Fatupaito.

The Acting Director General encourages all adults who are eligible, to get the booster shot.

He then also warns that vaccines do not kick in straight away, but explains that it takes two weeks for the vaccine to become effective and start to protect you.

Julius Netzler