Vaccination Remains Our Best Defence Against Covid


10 May 2022 Apia Samoa. Head of Samoa’s National Emergency Operations Centre Agafili Tomaimano Shem Leo and Acting Director General of Health Tagaloa Dr Robert Thompsen have sent a strong reminder that those are due vaccination dosages should immediately visit one of the sites available.

The nation-wide visitations by the MOH Vaccination Teams ended last week after all districts of Savaii and Upolu were visited. However, vaccinations continue to be made available at all District Hospitals across the country, as well as centrally located sites in urban Apia.

During a media conference on Tuesday afternoon, the NEOC Chair, and the Acting Director General reiterated the message that, “Vaccination remains our best defense against the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Samoa’s vaccination rollout has reached 98% for first doses, across the board from 5 year olds to adults.

For second doses, 93% of eligible adults have had two doses of Covid-19 vaccine. 88% of children 12-17 have had their two doses and for 5-11 year olds, their vaccinations has been progressing well with 83% now fully vaccinated.

More than 73,660 boosters have been administered with the target being around 113,000.

That means a further 39,340 adults over 18 still need to come in for a booster shot, if it has been more than 3 months since they received their second dose.

The latest figures are a result of the MOH Vaccination Teams going out to all districts across Samoa in a concerted effort to have everyone vaccinated.

“Our target, as previously announced, is 95% to 99% fully vaccinated,” reminded Agafili.

The public are encouraged to visit the vaccination sites and ensure they are up to date with their doses in order to protect themselves and their families.