US Visa Interviews held during the week of 19-23 August 2019


The United States Embassy in Apia is pleased to announce that it will hold its next Visa Interview Week from August 19 – 23rd, 2019.

The online calendar for scheduling appointments will open Wednesday day 6th August, at 12pm (Apia date and time).

Please do not call or email the Embassy for an appointment.

ALL applicants MUST list Apia, Samoa when completing the DS 160  Consular staff will not accept DS-160 forms that are listed in Auckland and applicants will be asked to provide the appropriate confirmation page with the barcode.

The U.S. Embassy encourages all applicants to make their application and appointment directly through our webpage and not through a travel agent or other third party.  If you must use a travel agent or third party, please do not pay an excessive fee for the service and make sure that they confirm they will pass you all email and other communications from the U.S. Embassy.

If an applicant has recently acquired a new passport, a new DS-160 must be completed with the new passport information. Even if a DS-160 has already been submitted with details from a previous passport. 

Please be very attentive when entering data on the DS-160 application.  Any data error in a critical field on the DS-160 application (e.g. name, date of birth, passport number etc.) will result in the applicant being asked to complete and submit a new DS160 form with the correct information. All questions on the DS-160 application form MUST be answered, especially ALL previous travel to the U.S. Applicants will be held responsible for any errors made by anyone assisting them with the DS-160 application including travel agents.

All interested applicants must secure an online appointment. To access the form and book an appointment please visit our website at which will take you directly to the “How to Apply” page. Be sure to select SAMOA, Apia as your location when completing the DS160 form. To avoid receiving an error message while booking an appointment ensure that the relevant information entered matches exactly what you have entered in your DS-160 form.

If your visa is approved please allow 3 working days for processing. Unless there is a genuine urgent reason ALL SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS WILL BE EXPECTED TO LEAVE THEIR PASSPORTS FOR PROCESSING. There may be some applicants who will require more than 72 hours for processing.

When booking an appointment you must have your passport information readily available such as the full name listed on the data page, your date of birth and the passport number. You will also need to list the same email address and phone number as noted in the DS160 form. Failure to list the exact passport and contact information as it appears on your DS-160 will result in an systems error message preventing you from confirming an appointment online. 

ALL applicants with confirmed appointments MUST provide the CONFIRMATION PAGE of the DS160 application form on the day of the interview. Those who do not bring this form will be denied an interview with the visa officer.  Applicants are NOT required to bring a copy of the appointment confirmation.

Those wishing to secure an appointment should complete their DS-160 prior to booking an appointment. Students wishing to apply for student visas must also book appointments online and contact their appropriate school to make sure they receive the original I-20 or DS2019 form in time to have it with them during their interview. Because of the limited appointment slots, applicants are encouraged cancel their appointment or contact the Embassy (email: ) should they be unable to keep their appointment. Your failure to show up for your appointment without Embassy notification will be noted and may result in your name being removed from future appointment listings.

For frequently asked questions regarding the DS-160 form please click on

Samoan Translation:


O le Ofisa o le Amepasa o Amerika i Apia o le a faia lana faatalanoaga mo Visa mai le Aso 19 – 23 Aukuso, 2019.

O le a tatalaina le kalena mo avanoa o faatalanoaga i le aso Aso Lua, 6 o Aukuso i le itula e 12 i le aoauli se ia maea uma avanoa. Faamanatu atu, e le mafai ona e vili pe imeli mai mo sou avanoa.

Faamolemole ia siaki faalelei faamaumauga o loo i totonu o lou pepa talosaga DS-160.  E ona aafia lou avanoa faatalatalanoa ma toe tolo ai i se isi taimi o luma pe afai e le o sao faamaumauga.  Se faataitaiga, o lou suafa, aso fanau, numera o tusifolau ma nisi foi faamaumauga.  Ma o le a le avea foi ma alofaga mo le tagata e patino iai le talosaga ni sese o famaumauga na mafua mai i inisi tagata sa faatumuina le latou pepa talosaga.

Ua faaopopoina nei Samoa, Apia i le lisi o nofoaga (location) i le faatumuina o pepa mo talosaga o visa (DS-160). Oi latou uma o fuafua mo faatalanoaga i Apia nei, e tatau ona lisiina Samoa, Apia mo le vaega o nofoaga (location). O le a le taliaina e tamaitai ofisa ni pepa talosaga (DS-160) o loo lisiina mai ai Aukilani i le vaega o nofoaga.

E vave ona tumu le kalena.  Pe na ole 10-15 minute ae ua faatumulia avanoa uma.  I lou taumafai e te faamasani ma silafia lelei le vaega lea e faatumu ai au faamatalaga, o le tele foi lea o le avanoa e mafai ai ona maua se taimi mo sou faatalanoaga poo se isi o lou aiga.

Pe afai ua e oo i le laasaga e faatumu ai lau barcode ile ta tonu o le 12, ‘ae e silasila atu e le’i avanoa mai ni taimi e ala lea i le suia o le lanu, faamolemole ‘aua ete nofo ‘ai ae toe foi i tua e toe amata mai i le toe ta i totonu o lau barcode ma faasolo mai ai. 

Mo e fia talosaga mo visa aoga e tatau ona faamautu sou avanoa i le taimi e tatalaina atu ai le kalena. Ia mautinoa ua e fesootai ma lau aoga ina ia faamautu ai ua e maua lau I-20 e tauaaoina mai i le taimi o faatalanoaga. E fautuaina i latou uma e fia talosaga mo se visa ina ia e faamaoti se avanoa mo faatalatalanoaga i aso ma taimi ua taua i luga. Talu ai ona o le utiuti o avanoa o faatalatalanoaga, oi latou uma e silafia e ono le auai mai, po o i latou e finagalo e toe faaleaogaina o latou avanoa, e tatau ona logo mai le ofisa ina ia mafai ai ona toe tatala le avanoa mo isi tagata. O lou le utagia mai o lenei faaaliga ma lou le auai mai i lau faatalatalanoaga e aunoa ma le faailoa mai i le ofisa, o le a faamauina i lalo ma ono faaleaogaina ai sou avanoa mo le lumanai.

O talosaga uma mo visa o le a talia i le vaiaso o le faatalatalanoaga, e tatau ona ave i le Ofisa o le Konesula a Amerika i Aukilani, Niu Sila e lolomi mai ai. Ona o lea tulaga, e tatau i le tagata talosaga ona faatali i le 2 – 3 vaiaso a’o faia lea gaioiga. Mo i latou e le mafai ona faatali e tatau ona tapena le talosaga ona malaga lea i le Konesula a Amerika i Niu Sila e talosaga ai mo le visa.

Mo le faatumuina o le pepa talosaga mo se visa ma faia se avanoa mo se faatalanoaga, faamolemole asiasi ane i le  e taitai atu ai oe i le itulau “How to Apply”.

Mo nisi faamalamalamaga e uiga i lau pepa talosaga DS-160, faamolemole oomi le