US Embassy Donates to Nelson Memorial Library


The U.S. Embassy hosted a special handover ceremony at the American Corner on the 2nd floor of Nelson Memorial Library with the presentation of new tables, chairs, educational and learning materials, as well as another year of free internet for all students of Samoa.

The U.S. Regional Public Engagement Specialist, Scott E. Hartmann, was on hand to deliver remarks for the event.

“I am delighted to have made the long journey here to Samoa for this special occasion – whereby, we will be marking a new beginning for our American Corner.

“The U.S. Embassy is proud to support the vision of the Corner’s leadership in creating a space to empower young Samoans to challenge themselves, dream big, and connect with the outside world,” Scott Hartmann said.

This is a continuing initiative by the U.S. Embassy in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Sports, and Culture at the American Corner, in order to provide free literacy and educational resources to the general public – with a particular emphasis on the student population, while at the same time, promoting various aspects of American culture and educational opportunities in the USA.
Equipment handover ceremony at the American Corner.