Unit Price for UTOS Increases due to Bluesky Dividend


03 August 2019, Apia Samoa. The Unit selling price for the Unit Trust of Samoa (UTOS) has increased 2 sene as a direct impact of the $1.10 million tala dividends received from Bluesky Samoa on Monday 29th July 2019.

The impact of the dividend is immediate with the price moving to $1.65 per unit on the 30th of July from $1.63 at the beginning of July.

UTOS invested when SamoaTel was privatised to become Bluesky Samoa and to date a total of close $7m has been received in dividends.

Simply put, if a unitholder who purchased 50 units this time last year at a $1.57 per unit being the price for July 2018; the total, is $78.50. That same unitholder’s investment at today’s price of $1.65 is $82.50, therefore making a gain of $4.00 tala which is a 5.10% return.

The growth in unit price continues to provide unitholders with more confidence, trust, and satisfaction with the service that the Unit Trust of Samoa is offering to all Samoans.

UTOS shareholding in Bluesky Samoa is representative of 25% of the total company with the majority being recently acquired by Amalgamated Telecommunication Holdings (ATH) of Fiji. UTOS and ATH continue to work together and are committed to ensure better communication service delivery to the people of Samoa.

The working relationship is not only limited within Samoa but both parties continue to work together across the region with the likes of Bluesky Cook Islands and other opportunities that are present which will allow UTOS to have shareholding interests in other telecommunication operators across the region.