Tupa’i Bruno Offers Free Coffee and Snacks to Police and Healthcare Workers


Thursday 31 March 2022, Apia Samoa. Magic Circus of Samoa and Fiafia Park founder, Tupa’i Bruno Loyale, has offered all police and healthcare workers free hot coffee and masi popo, between 8am and 8pm during lockdown. In a public notice posted online, Ringmaster and the man behind the best live show in the Pacific offers frontliners to stop by at Fiafia Park at Tafaigata, for a cup of coffee and biscuit.

“You are doing a great great job, and that’s the least I can do to show you that we care! Alofa tele atu!”

“Stop at the gates of Samoa Fiafia park in Tafaigata and get a big cup of coffee FREE”

“Just ring the giant bell and someone will bring your coffee and snack within a minute!” posts Tupai.

Tupa’i Bruno facebook page post

The Magic Circus of Samoa was established in the 1930s by Tupa’i Bruno’s father Alfonzo Royale and Tupa’i had taken over the circus at the age of 14, when his father passed away.

The show features motorcyclists in a “globe of death”, a trapeze and high wire artists, magicians, clowns, contortionists, balancing acts, juggling and acrobatics. Tupa’i has trained many young Samoans to perform for the Magic Circus, allowing them to earn an income for their families through the arts.

So if it’s not too far away for you – head on down there frontliners, and enjoy Tupai’s offer of coffee and masi popo.

Editor’s Note: E na o frontliners faamolemole lea e aumai iai le valaaulia a Tupai 🙂