Tufa le Taleni Co-operative Society Host Talomua


Tufa le Taleni Co-operative Society successfully hosted their Talomua on Saturday 11th June 2022. The incorporated society is a co-operative of farmers working together to further their skills and knowledge and share ideas and markets.

Their Talomua event was held at the old flea market area next to the MWCSD building at Sogi. Talomua is derived from the concept of first harvest and in the past, a few shows were held throughout the year to display produce from the land and sea, as well as handicrafts made by villagers.

Members of the Co-operative with Minister of Agriculture Laaulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao Fosi Schmidt.

Once in office, the Minister of Agriculture announced a change of approach to allow each village to host their own Talomua, and for the events to be spread out throughout the year.

For the Tufa le Taleni group, a variety of agricultural produce and livestock were displayed as well as handicrafts and ornamental plants.

Saturday 11 June, Tufa le Taleni Talomua. Photos: MAF.

Vaifale Timmy spoke on behalf of their organisation to welcome and acknowledge the presence of the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Hon. La’aulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao Fosi Schmidt, Associate Minister and executive management of the ministry and members of the public.

A devotional service was led by Rev. John Salanoa.

The Minister during his remarks reiterated that the Talomua initiative provided an equal opportunity for all farmers and fishers to organise and showcase their agricultural and fisheries produce.

The Minister said the main focus for this government initiative is to sustain food, nutrition and income security for all.

The President of the Tufa le Taleni Cooperative Society, Ms. Flora Davenda Tautai said they aim to share their skills and talents to the vulnerable and less fortunate, assisting them in various ways so they can earn income. Ms. Tautai added that they have received requests from several villages for trainings on making handicrafts.

The Society has offered this service and they have supported several communities through trainings.

Farming tools and equipment as well as seeds and seedlings of various crops were provided for the Society as part of the Ministry’s support for these community-led initiatives.