Tsunami Evacuation Drills for Nine Aana District Primary Schools



Nine primary schools in the Aana District participated in tsunami drills on Tuesday afternoon as part of Government’s continued programs to ensure the country’s national emergency response and preparedness to tsunamis.

The Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Office facilitated a full operational tsunami drill for students and teachers, to test and evaluate the operational and decision making readiness of each school in the event of a tsunami affecting Samoa.  

The following nine primary schools from the Aana District were the key participants of the exercise.

  1. Faleasiu Primary School
  2. Moamoa ma Tauo’o Primary School (Faleasi’u)
  3. Fasitoo-uta Primary School
  4. Nofoalii Primary School
  5. Leulumoega Primary School
  6. Fasitoo-tai Primary School
  7. Vailuutai Primary School
  8. Satapuala Primary School
  9. Faleatiu Primary School

The exercise allowed the schools to simulate the evacuation of the students in a safe manner to safe locations as well as to test each school’s Disaster Management Plan.  

Teachers and principals were able to test and improve their understanding of roles and responsibilities, when responding to a tsunami.