Truck Overturns in Horrific Accident at Safaatoa Lefaga

Images: Gafa Finau.

Villagers of Safaatoa Lefaga rushed to try and help two men critically injured when their truck crashed and overturned on the side of the road.

Images and videos taken by Gafa Finau shows villagers taking two men out of the wreckage, both unconscious and one with massive injuries to his head.

Truck overturns at Safaatoa Lefaga. Image: Grace Finau.

Villagers tried to stop passing vehicles, pleading with them if they could help take the men to the hospital.

Some vehicles are seen refusing, as they are traveling away from Apia, and the villagers are seen laying the injured back onto the ground on the side of the road.

Safaatoa villagers taking up the role as first responders try to stop passing vehicles.

Finau told Samoa Global News the truck was speeding and when it came to a bend infront of their home, it lost control and crashed.

“O matou na iloa le taimi na sau ai le loli, oka se masau. Alu atu loa lavea ona o le pi’oga tonu lea e iai matou sa lavea ai le loli.”

The witness said her older brothers helped out and then accompanied the men to the hospital.

Truck overturns at Safaatoa Lefaga. Villagers rush to help the injured. Photos: Gafa Finau.

She added they were grateful a child was not walking along the side of the road at the time.

“Sa iai uma matou ma o’u brothers matutua na avea nai toeaiina i le falemai”.

The Tuesday afternoon accident shocked the otherwise quiet and peaceful village of Safaatoa Lefaga, which is about 45 minutes by car out of Apia.

Finau said the police have since been to their home to ask about the accident.

“O le te’a o le afa o le tolu na taunuu atu ai leoleo e fesiligia le matou aiga e uiga i le faalavelave.”

Finau’s videos also shows FESA and first responders arriving however the villagers and passing vehicles had already taken the two injured men to the hospital.

FESA and Samoa Police have been asked for a comment and an update on the status of the critically injured driver and passenger.

The string of fatal road accidents in Samoa continues since the Leusoalii crash on the eve of Father’s Day, that claimed two lives. Several accidents have been reported since including a fatal crash in Apia that claimed the life of a Malua Theological College student.