Tropical Depression 06F Moving Away from Samoa


08 February 2019, Samoa Met Office. The Samoa Met Office Severe Weather Information Report No12 advised yesterday at 5pm that “Tropical Disturbance 06f has been upgraded to a Tropical Distubance TD06 however, Report no13 issued this morning confirms that it is moving further away from Samoa.

Met Office Severe Weather Information Report No13 issued at 5am this morning confirms that “Tropical Depression TD06 located at 600km Southwest of Apia at 2am this morning with the system moving southward.”

The Samoa Met Office predicts “rainfall activity remains peristent for Savaii but for the rest of the island expect a decrease in showery activity.”

“Impacts for Samoa: Decrease of heavy rain for most locations except for Savaii with strong and gusty winds particularly on highlands and northern areas. Poor visibility and low.clouds on highlands. Slippery roads with possible flooding and landslides at vulnerable areas. Increasing wave heights for open waters and high surf for coastal locations.”

Heavy rain and flood warnings have been cancelled but heavy rain, flood and wind advisory remains with a caution to small crafts.

God Bless and Keep You Safe Samoa.

Samoa Met Office Notice
Report No13