Effective Immediately Travellers from American Samoa Limited to 40 per week and be Quarantined for 10 Days Minimum


28 April 2022, Apia Samoa. The Samoa Ministry of Health has upped restrictions on travellers from American Samoa including a 10-day MIQ, with passengers limited to 40 per week. This was announced in a letter signed by Director General of Health, Leausa Dr Take Naseri today. 

Leausa Tupa’i Samau T. Dr Take Naseri, Director General of Health.

Dr Naseri says the elevated border controls imposed on travellers from American Samoa  will be “strictly enhanced” and “effective immediately”.

“The multiple Covid-19 variants affecting our region and the global communities is noted with much concern,” says Samoa’s Director General. 

All passengers wanting to travel to Samoa from Pago will have to contact the Ministry of Health directly and according to the elevated restrictions, the decision to permit travel will be made on a case by case basis.

Even so, travel into Samoa is now strictly limited to Samoan Residents or Citizens, essential workers and those approved for medical and visa clearance. 

The Notice signed by Dr Naseri is below in verbatim:


ALL passenger’s are advised to communicate straight to the Samoa Health Authorities at least 21 days before planned travel time by emailing enquiries@health.gov.ws (or samoahealth.travelenquiries@gmail.com) for clarification pertaining to this travel advise.

All Passengers travelling from outside of American Samoa must complete ten (10) days from the date of arrival into American Samoa. Any passenger arriving within the 10 day period will be denied entry and returned back to American Samoa.

All travelers will be assessed on a case-by-case basis before being granted permission to travel to Samoa. A passenger holding a valid airline ticket to Samoa has been pre-approved by the Samoan Government to travel.

Only Samoan Residents/Citizen, essential workers and those approved for medical and visa clearance are allowed to enter Samoa.



1. All Travelers 5 years and above including flight crew are NOW required to be fully vaccinated with the prescribed 2 doses with the exception of Jansen vaccine before entry into Samoa with any COVID-19 vaccine and preferably vaccines already prequalified by the World Health Organization (AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Janssen-single dose, Moderna, Sinopharm, etc,etc).

2. A legitimate vaccine certificate is required for boarding. Being fully vaccinated implies completion of the required prescribed doses as per vaccine used. All should have completed 2 weeks (14 days) post vaccination prior to travel. The vaccine certificate must be a Health Authority Approved Certificate/Card of country where vaccination took place and should contain at least the following information:

a. Name of Country

b. Name of person – should be the same as name on passport or birth certificate

c. National Identification/Registration Number if available

d. Address of Clinic and contact details

e. Name of Vaccine and Batch Number

f. Dates of Vaccination

g. Name of Vaccinator (optional)

h. Health Institution Stamp if available

3. A hard copy of vaccine certificate must be presented at check in and on arrival into Samoa for sighting and also during registration at quarantine/isolation facilities.

4. Encourage all eligible passengers to have a booster dose done prior to travel.

5. Medical Clearance signed by attending physician within 48 hours before departure. The medical clearance report must be presented in hard copy on arrival.

6. A Supervised NEGATIVE Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) done on the Day of departure from American Samoa. The RAT must be supervised by a registered medical professional with a signed written report to be presented at check-in and on arrival into Samoa.

6. All passengers entering Samoa from Pago Pago will go into quarantine for at least 10 days or as determined by the Ministry of Health (up to 21 days or more if tested positive in quarantine).

8. Due to limited quarantine sites and rooms available we can only accept and accommodate a maximum of 40 passengers per week.

Your compliance with the conditions listed is imperative to ensuring the safety of all travelers and our people in Samoa. We endeavor to keep Samoa COVID-19 Free.

Travellers are also required to download the Samoa Travel Tracer app onto their phones before travel. You can download the app from the Samoa Tourism Authority website or directly from Google play for android and Apple for IPhones or use the following links:

Google Play – https://bit.ly/3zYPxL5

App Store – https://apple.co/3k01w1O

The Ministry of Health appreciates your full compliance and patience on arrival as you may experience long delays.

We pray for your safe travel to Samoa.

Leausa Tupa’i Samau T. Dr Take Naseri, Director General of Health