Travel Advisory for Samoa: Update 26 Jan 2020


UPDATE: 26 January 2020.  All travellers Entering Samoa are advised to take note of the following requirements:

  1. A Special Health Declaration Form is now required to be filled out by all travelling passengers inflight or on arrival to Samoa.
  2. Travellers from the countries listed in the table below are required to undergo medical examination by a Medical practitioner at least three (3) days before travelling to Samoa. This will come into effect on the 31st January 2020. This medical clearance is required for check-in prior to issuing of boarding pass.

NOTE: Due to the rapid propagation of the Novel Corona virus 2019 and fast Number of Cases Confirmed Globally; this requirement is now Effective Immediately starting 27th January 2020

  • Updates on this list will be made every 2 days. Please consult the Government of Samoa and Samoa Ministry of Health websites for the latest updates.
  • All Travelers originating FROM or TRANSIT through Mainland China, must spend at least 14 days self-quarantine at country of last port that is free of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus and must undergo medical clearance at least three (3) days as required above (2 & 3) prior to final route to Samoa. This must be their final stop before travelling to Samoa.
  • If in the event you arrive within the 14 day period, health quarantine measures will be Return to the country of travel origin will be considered if traveler is a non-resident.
  • All sea port entry will be screened at the quarantine buoy before ship dock at wharf.

All Travellers OUT of Samoa:

  1. It is strongly recommended that all persons intending to travel to China and any country affected by the 2019 Novel Coronavirus to postpone their travel arrangements unless necessary.
  2. Preventive measures should be adhered to at all times in the event that travel cannot be postponed. Please note that the above will be applied upon return to Samoa.
  3. Be aware of the signs and symptoms of 2019 Novel Coronavirus which include: fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

Compulsory screenings of all arriving passengers to Samoa are now in effect at all ports of entry.

Travellers arriving in Samoa from Countries with Confirmed Imported cases will require medical clearance 3 days prior to travel to Samoa. (This table will be updated every 2 days)

Those countries are: Japan, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Nepal, France, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hawaii.

For more information contact Tagaloa Dr. Robert Thomsen on Phone: (685) 66503 / 7676015 or Email: