Tragic Accident in Church Takes Life of 5 Year Old Girl


The parishioners of the Amazing Love Christian Church in Samatau are dealing with the tragic loss of a 5 year old girl who died in an accident inside the church building last Saturday.

Pastor Livigisitone Toelupe delivered an inspirational and emotional sermon entitled the Path of Pain, to comfort the church family and parents of the young girl who died of injuries sustained when a tragic accident caused the church pulpit to fall on her.

Described by many on social media as their angel with a vivacious personality and smile, Beth Peniata was with her family to clean and decorate the church for Sunday service when the incident happened.

Beth is the niece of Manu Samoa 7s player Belgium Tuatagaloa.

The heaviness of the burden on Beth’s grieving mother is that Beth’s father Ropati Peniata is a member of the Samoa Police Service, currently on an assigned UN Mission in Sudan.

On Sunday morning Pastor Lemalu Livigisitone Toelupe preached from Romans 8:18, “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.”

Pastor Toelupe encouraged the church family at Samatau to not be disheartened, or try to point to self-blame in trying to understand the tragedy.

Amazing Love Christian Church in Samatau

“The path of pain, o le ala o tiga, is not a new experience in our house, but when we do cross the path of pain, it does not take away the immense love of God”.

“The path we walk in life is one of both joy and pain, happiness and sadness, joyous welcomings, and tears of goodbyes..”

“Although it doesn’t fit well with us, and we wish we could know in advance when it is coming..”

“But the path of pain is a blessing only when we have faith”.

E le o se upu e logomalie le faapea, ‘O le ala o tiga o se faamanuiaga’ – sei vagana ua pupula mata o lo tatou faatuatua ma iloa o loo iai le Atua faatasi ma tatou i le ala lea…”

Pastor Livigisitone Toelupe

“E le o se mea leaga i le Atua le Ala o Tiga”

Beth’s uncle and Manu Samoa Sevens player Belgium Tuatagaloa, posts an emotional message on social media.

“She was a blessing and a peaceful soul in our I love you so much uncle will miss your smiling, beautiful happy face”.

Pastor Livigisitone Toelupe’s sermon, although directed to his parishioners, is comforting to anyone experiencing or trying to make sense of deep loss. It can be viewed on the Amazing Church facebook page.