Lucky Spin Lands Toamua Father with Third Vodafone Car Giveaway

Afereti Uili, Nofoasaefa and NUS Vice Chancellor Aiono Dr Alec Ekeroma.

Afereti Uili of Toamua has taken home the last of three vehicles given away as part of Vodafone’s Win Big Dream Big promotion.

Afereti Uili was the first of five finalists to spin the Vodafone wheel. The crowd reacted in a unified gasp when Afereti’s spin stood at the winning board by a hairline fraction.

Gambling Control Authority GCA representative moves in to check the exact position of Afereti’s spin.

The Gambling Control Authority (GCA) officer moved in closer to verify that the spin had in fact, landed on the winning board.

Five finalists attended the prize giving and were each asked to pick a number from out of a box to determine who gets to spin first.

Afereti Uili was the last to pick his number out of the box, but the Numner 1 was still there despite 4 other people having already picked.

Afereti spun the wheel and then casually walked to the back of the room.  When he was announced the winner, he humbly stepped forward, still in shock.

The lucky spin, just sits on the edge of the winning board.

In presenting the keys to Mr Uili, Vodafone Chief Executive Officer Nofoasaefa Satish Sharma said it was unbelievable that this is the second time the first spinner has secured the win.

Ruta Ioane, a 17 year old Year 11 student at Wesley College won the 2nd brand new Hyundai i10 just before White Sunday, when her grandfather had also been the first to spin the wheel out of the five finalists, winning the car for his daughter!

Nofoasaefa said Vodafone pormotions will continue to give back to the community, and acknowleded that the Win Big Dream Big promotion with three brand new vehicles and cash prizes, has been well celebrated across the country.

“While this promotion is being celebrated as a blessing, I would like to take this opportunity to share that this is not the end;

“For this Christmas Vodafone is giving away a brand new 2020 Toyota Rush and cash prizes worth $40,000 in the next 8 weeks,” said Nofoasaefa.

The Christmas give-away from Vodafone.

👉How to enter Vodafone’s Christmas Promotion:

✅Purchase any $7 or more bundle and instantly go into the draw
✅$1 = 1 Entry

👉Weekly Cash Prizes:
✅6 x $500
✅6 x $200
✅8 x $100

👉Grand Prize:
✅Toyota Rush 2020

Afereti Uili, Nofoasaefa and NUS Vice Chancellor Aiono Dr Alec Ekeroma.
Afereti Uili, Nofoasaefa and NUS Vice Chancellor Aiono Dr Alec Ekeroma.