Three Hawaii, Seven Upolu and Two from Savaii Pass the Piula Theological College Entrance Exam


The Methodist Church of Samoa’s Theological College at Piula has announced the 12 successful candidates who have passed the annual entrance exam for 2022.

The entrance exam was conducted last week on the 9th of June 2022.

The 12 who have passed the entrance exam to the prestigious theological college include three from Hawaii, four from Apia Sisifo, two from Upolu Sasa’e, one from Upolu Sisifo and two from Salafai Sasa’e in Savaii.

Piula Theological College offers a Foundation Programme, as well as a Diploma in Theology, Bachelor of Divinity, Bachelor of Divinity with Honours, and a Masters in Theology.

Passing the exam does not mean automatic entry to Piula. Candidates will go through further assessments of character and interviews before they can enter the Foundation programme.

The Foundational pathway is a one year programme for all new candidates of PTC, designed to connect prior learning or experiences of the new students and the commencement of their Theological and Ministerial Training.

The Scope of the programme covers both an introduction to the Academic Programmes as well as the Ministerial Formation standards established in the PTC Curriculum.

The foundational pathway is a requirement mandated for all new students before they can enter the Diploma in Theology Level 6 Programme.

The successful candidates are: Nuusa Jr Nuusa, Esera Pipi Mona, Panapa Junior Papalii, Lokeni Aufata Fonoti, Haserota S Tuiolemotu, Michael Anesone Sialaoa, Isaia Utugogo Asoono, Salamo Vilivili, Likisone Mataafa, Iose Aiono Tuloa, Siaki Seve Avaula, Siaosi Lafoga Nonutunu.

“Piula Theological College trains men and women of faith to become agents of change in the lives of the people of God, and continue to interpret the Faith through a fruitful collaboration of Academic Competence, Methodist Spirituality and Samoan Cultural Values,” reads the PTC mission statement.

The theological college offers, quality theological learning, where academic excellence is carefully woven with spiritual quality and pastoral discipline.