A Tropical Disturbance TD07F Near Tuvalu is Forecasted to Move Towards Samoa


Weather forecast issued by the Samoa Met Office at 11pm Sunday 16 February 2020:

There is a Tropical Disturbance 07F near Tuvalu and a Low Pressure System to the North West of Savaii, or about 380 kilometres to the North West of Asau.

The Low Pressure System will bring heavy rain and gusty winds in the next 24 hours.

TD07F is forecasted to move South East towards Samoa by tonight, and is highly likely to develop into a Tropical Depression within the next 24 to 48 hours with low to moderate potential to develop into a cyclone.

To the North of a Samoa is a cloud band associated with another low pressure system slow moving over the islands bringing showery activities and gutsy winds.

A wind warning is in force for Savaii as it is close to the deceloping low pressure system to the North West. A wind advisory remains in effect for Upolu. Heavy rain warning is in effect for all of Samoa. Flood advisory still in effect for major rivers and vulnerable areas.

An advisoty remains for alia boats due to high swells and gusty winds.