The Steps of the Righteous are Established by the Lord


Happy Wednesday Saints.

Yesterday we looked at Luke 2:52 which says that “JESUS INCREASED IN WISDOM AND IN STATURE AND IN FAVOR WITH GOD AND MAN.”

From the Greek word ‘prokopto’ we saw that Jesus spent 30 years being shaped and forged into the man God required Him to be.

However, prokopto also means ‘to increase, to make progress, to go forward and to proceed.’

That’s God’s will for your life. He wants to shape you and conform you into the image of Christ. He desires for you to increase in understanding, to progress in virtue, to go forward in character and to continue to develop in Christ-likeness.

As 2021 comes to a close, start thinking of what you can do to increase in 2022 and make it a better year. As we saw on Monday, the choice is yours.

Progress is a choice. Moving forward is a choice. Learning a new skill is a choice. Acquiring wisdom is a choice. Getting the right knowledge is a choice. Letting go of the past is a choice. Overcoming bad habits is a choice. Developing new and healthy habits is a choice. If you choose wisely, the possibilities in 2022 are endless.

Whatever you do, don’t leave the New Year up to chance or hope for so-called good luck. The steps of the righteous are established by the Lord – choose His higher ways and be blessed.

Enjoy the last three days of 2021 and finish the year strong!

God bless and lots’a love, Warren