The New Creation is the Work of the Holy Spirit


Happy Wednesday Saints.

Just in case the church in Galatia still didn’t get the Apostle Paul’s point, he states it again towards the end of his epistle.


It didn’t matter whether a Jew was circumcised or if a Gentile was uncircumcised – the only thing that truly counts IS A NEW CREATION.

Earlier, Paul stated that the only thing worth boasting about is THE CROSS OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

The CROSS makes every human effort to justify ourselves worthless. Nothing we do can make ourselves right with God. Nothing we do can renew and revive our spiritually dead condition.

Saints – no amount of religious activity can earn God’s approval. The change that you seek can’t come from the outside; it starts within you with A NEW CREATION.

Circumcision can’t change the condition of someone’s heart. 2Corinthians 5:17 says that “IF ANYONE IS IN CHRIST, HE IS A NEW CREATION. OLD THINGS HAVE PASSED AWAY; BEHOLD ALL THINGS HAVE BECOME NEW.”

A NEW CREATION can only be found IN CHRIST. It isn’t achieved any other way. It isn’t earned by performing religious rituals, or holding a high position in a church, or by being wealthy or beautiful or kind to strangers. In fact, it can’t be EARNED at all.

The NEW CREATION is the work of the Holy Spirit, performed in the heart of someone who BELIEVES in Christ.

What matters is your faith in the completed work of Christ and your communion with God. You can grow to become more Christ-like as you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, who lives inside you and will GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH.

Enjoy your freedom and liberty in Christ. Walk IN THE SPIRIT and delight yourself in God’s peace. Have a wonderful day. God bless, and lots’a love,


Pastor Warren Retzlaff