Minister Acknowledges Criticisms and Says “If I go, we all go”

Minister of Education Sports and Culture, Loau Solamalemalo Keneti Sio
Samoa's Minister of Education Sports and Culture Loau Solamalemalo Keneti Sio

15 January 2019, Apia Samoa. The Minister of Education Sports and Culture, Loau Solamalemalo Keneti Sio acknowledged the call by some critics that he ought to be replaced if key deliverables of the education sector are not met, however added that if that were the case, he would not be the only one to go.

“One of the comments that was made about me says, why am I still a Minister if I am useless, it is true there should be change if you consider the situation,” said Loau.

“O leisi faitioga faimai poo le a le mea e saga Minisita ai e le’o aogā, sa’o lelei ua tatau na sui pe a ‘ou fua iai.”

Loau went on to say that if this were the case then it would not only be the Minister that would have to change.

He said that he valued constructive criticism but if he goes, then so should the Vice Chancellor of the National University, and so should the CEO of the Ministry, and everyone else down the line.

“E alu ai ma le VC, alu ai ma le CEO o le Matagaluega, ona o le galuega e alu atu lava i luga tau i lalo.”

“Ae e sa’o faitioga, ma ou te le popole iai. Iā te au lava ia e taua faitioga.”

Loau made the comment during his speech at the launch of several Ministry initiatives including Policy Documents, Corporate Policies and the MESC Statistical Digest 2018.

Speaking openly and frankly to MESC staff present at the launch, the Minister said that the big question was, “Are these Manuals, Polices and Procedures that are piling up on desks and filling up drawers and cupbaords being properly implemented and followed for the benefit of students in schools?”

“Ua fau luga o kesi, ua fau kokogu o kapoki i faigā faavae, ae o le fesili tele, poo mulimulitaia?”

“A tuu iai lou malosi, lou fai mea mafai ma lau selau pasene ina ia fua mai, ae ia fua mai i alo ma fanau.”

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