The Cost of Palolo Reaches a Record High this Year


The sought after delicacy known as the Samoan caviar did rise this morning with Savaii getting the more favourable results for the all-night, early- morning watchers who sacrificed sleep to try and catch some palolo.

This year, the palolo has made it into Makeki online as a commodity with varying prices, reaching a record 50k tala as valued by one seller while another seller posted 2 different prices for the same jar!

A seller wanting to prove that the market value of palolo was based on price elasticity of demand posted their catch for a price of $50,000 tala!

Only if the price is right! Makeki Onliner says $50k tala!

The message from this palolo lover being, “Im not parting with my palolo unless you are willing to pay me 50k” lol.

Other prices reported from Salelologa market incldue a large mayonnaise bottle for $1200 tala, a pusa masi carton of biscuits for $800 and jars varying from $200 to $600 tala. The business community with catering services, hotels and restaurants are known to pay the price asked by sellers.

Guests staying at Vaimoana Hotel in Asau were treated to palolo this morning with the rising reported as strong there.

Businessman Taupau Tauileave Toluono posts the results of their catch by boat with the team at Vaimoana Hotel.

Catching palolo at Vaimoana Hotel, Asau. PC Taupau Tauileave Toluono.

Tagaloa Taavale Masoe from WT Media also posted pictures of his catch from Asau.

“Ua magaia foi le sau o le palolo i lenei tausaga”, says Tagaloa.

Palolo catch in Asau by Tagaloa Taavale Masoe.

Across in Upolu however, Captain Candida Tooala says many people lined the beach at Lalomanu and they did find enough for palolo-on-toast for breakfast, but not enough to go around and share.  Those who went to Salamumu also reported the palolo rise to have been very weak.

Not so strong in the South East coast of Upolu. PC Captain Candida Tooala of Samoa Airways.
PC: Captain Dida Tooala

Many urban Apia residents posted humorous requests to their family and friends in Savaii and rural areas, joking about how this would be a great time to share.

Member of Parliament for Salega posted his aisiga publicly on his page, in the hope one of his constituents would remember him today 🙂

This is not an aisiga, just an MP hoping they’ll come to give as well as take 🙂

Alas if you are living and working in Apia and your family who came last week to ask for White Sunday loans come across palolo today. The chances of you being remembered are probably very slim 🙂

The Fish Market in Apia was empty this morning and did not have any palolo for sale.

Happy Palolo Rising Day today Samoa. We hope you at least get one ofu palolo or a palolo-on-toast e faailoga ai lenei tausaga.