Ten to Twenty Days? Are you Serious?


So the Ministry of Health has advised the nation that Samoa now has a suspected case of COVID-19 being treated at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital at Motootua.

But in that press statement.. the Ministry of Health says this about the timing of the test results:

The patient’s samples have been sent to Australia for COVID-19 testing and results should be available in 10-20 working days (pending Customs clearance)”. 

Are you serious?

So we can interpret that as…the Minsitry of Health Director General be like: So I know you’re all like shitting your pants right now waiting to know if this is coronavirus or not….but we need to send this to Australia…and well.. we may get results back in 10 days.. and it may be 20 days.. who the hell knows? ..its within that period of time.. and oh, it’s all going to depend on all that customs clearance..which is out of our control.. that’s definitely going to be an issue…so yeah! This world-wide pendemic may here in Samoa.. but we can’t say for sure until these test results come back in 10 or 20 days”.

Australia in 10-20 working days? Are you serious? Couldn’t NZ offer assistance to test this case for Samoa quickly? How did Fiji and Tonga have their recent suspected cases tested in a timely manner?

And customs clearance? Seriously? So there are no special measures being taken? To get the test results back quickly? So the package will leave the country and come back into Samoa under normal import/export customs clearance measures?

O lona uiga.. o le a faakalikali le maukigoa ai lava le akuguu mo le 10 aso.. poo le 20 foi aso..???

Fai mai le isi toeaina o le matou nuu, se fai ia ma le alofa se.