Telefoni o le Vainuu Given Green Light to Compete in Independence Race by Captains of 4 Registered Fautasi


Translated from the Files of FaaSamoa.

The Captains of the four registered long boats competing in the Independence Day fautasi race have agreed to accept a late registration by Manono Tai to enter the Telefoni o Vainuu in the race.

Chairman of the Fautasi Race organising committee, Auapaau Logoitino Filipo, said the request by Manono Tai was put to the four Captains for their decision.

“It was a unanimous decision as all four captains agreed to allow the late registration of Manono Tai’s Telefoni o le Vainuu,” said Auapaau.

The prize money for the close of Samoa’s year long 60th Independence celebrations fautasi race, is $60k tala.

Each fautasi has been given 10k tala to help with preparations and especially for the maintenance and repair of long boats neglected over the years of lockdown.

The five registered fautasi for 2023 are:

1. Don Bosco from Alafua

2. Segavao from Siusega

3. Little Rina from Toamua

4. Tolotolo o le Tamauli from Salelologa

5. Telefoni o le Vainuu from Manono Tai

This year’s much anticipated fautasi race is scheduled for Friday 26th May 2023.