Tautua Party Asks for Samoa’s Vote in Upcoming Election


The Tautua Samoa political party say they are looking forward to the upcoming elections and call on the voting public for a chance to lead the Government.

In a public post, Tautua Samoa say they had predicted this outcome and are grateful to God for the opportunity to go back to the polls.

“The Head of State has made his declaration as we predicted and advised..”

“Tautua fans, maintain your loyalty with us..”

“Thanks Heavenly Father that you, our fans, have the opportunity to re-elect our government,” reads the post.

Tautua Samoa say the people had voted for FAST and HRPP in the previous elections, and this only resulted in Court cases.

“All we ask now is to give a chance and VOTE for the TAUTUA PARTY candidates..”

Tautua Samoa say there are no former HRPP members in their camp, and so their strategies are “unique and not aggressive”.

“It is not about the winning or loosing Party, it’s all for the love of Samoa and the prevention of corruption for this re-election..”

“May you have peace and wisdom from the Holy Spirit to decide”.

The Tautua Samoa have also reminded the voting public that their list of candidates is coming soon.

The Office of the Electoral Commission (OEC) have not yet confirmed if new candidates can be registered for the 21 May 2021 General Election as called by the Head of State last night.

Questions have been sent to OEC regarding nomination of candidates, pre-polling and special booths, should the 21st May 2021 general elections proceed.

FAST party lawyers indicated their intention to challenge the legality of the Head of State’s call for fresh elections.