Tasi Market Manager Willing to Promote SVSG Nofotane Women Work


An unexpected de-tour by a businessman, that resulted in his visit to the Campus of Hope shelter facililty for the abused children, reaffirmed the ugly reality of the existence of child abuse in Samoa.

The General Manager of the TASI Market in New Zealand, Afioga Toleafoa Leatuao Tupa’i Lavea ended up at the shelter facility, when he visited the office of the Samoa Victim Support Group in Apia, to purchase some supplies from the Nofotane Shop.

In his willingness to promote the story behind the empowered women survivors of violence who created the products he had purchased, an interview was scheduled which lead to the businessman’s second visit to the SVSG Office.

It was during a general discussion that the Campus of Hope was brougnt up, and immediately, a visit was slotted in the day’s scheduled.

“I never knew this was the extent of the problem, until I saw the children. From seeing them at the playground to hearing them sing, I felt so much love for the children. And this has been the highlight of my visit to Samoa during this time.” Toleafoa Leatuao Tupa’i Lavea.

Toleafoa Leatuao immediately clicked with the children. He encouraged them to love each other as brothers and sisters, and to remember that God loves them very much.

Close to 100 children from new born babies up to girls 18 years old, are being cared for by the Samoa Victim Support Group.

While majority of the children are survivors of violence, a few are abandoned children, inclusive of children with disabilities.

“In life, we are on a journey, and the people that we meet become family, even if we are not blood related.”

According to SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang, “Through the support of development partners such as the UNICEF Pacific, the Samoa Gender Partnership Program, the UNDP Spotlight Initiative, the church, village and business communities and individuals, SVSG’s child protection work for the abused and vulnerable children of Samoa, continues.”

“Thank you Toleafoa for expressing an interest to become one of SVSG’s Ambassador for the Children of Hope. Thank you also for the donation for the children during your visit. As a family, we will continue to save lives, together.”