Tala Pauga Says Ninjas Walk Freely in His Country of Citizenship

Tala Pauga
Tala Pauga

One of the suspects named by Tuilaepa as being responsible for the attempted attack last week in Brisbane has spoken out to say that he walks freely as a citizen of democratic Australia.

Tuilaepa told ET Live earlier this week that one of the two suspects behind the incident that occurred in Brisbane was Tala Pauga, believed to be a member of the SSIG Group.

Tuilaepa told ET Live that “the Australian police had caught them and one of the guys is Tala Pauga”.

“I was informed about this on the same night the incident occurred”, said the Prime Minister on live podcast.

Responding to Samoa Global News, Mr. Pauga was adamant that there was no police investigation and that he was not phased by the allegations against him.

“No one was arrested in the ninja’s country of citizenship, Australia.”

“Tala is walking the streets freely and living the dream as always,” he told Samoa Global News.

“I am sure the ninjas are doing the same.

“No police were ever involved, Australia is a great democratic country and are not stupid,” said Pauga.

Mr. Pauga instead accused the Samoan media of not reporting the truth. “In summary, the media and the Prime Minister are all lying and brainwashing the people of Samoa still.”

“Their stories on TV etc are far from the truth,” he said.

“Nobody believes them anyway,” Pauga insisted.

“The ninjas will tell their side to the correct Australian and New Zealand media very soon because Samoa media is very biased and are controlled by their Prime Minister.