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BSP Samoa Joins Efforts Against Measles Epidemic

BSP JOINS EFFORTS AGAINST MEASLES EPIDEMIC Bank South Pacific (BSP) in collaboration with the Samoa Chamber of Commerce has donated cash and in-kind supplies worth more than $60,000 to the Government of Samoa. Donation included $30,000 cash and supplies that included goodie packs of bed linen, towels, water bottles, t-shirts, hats, storage containers, biodegradable rubbish […]

BSP Samoa Donates to Aoga Fiamalamalama

Samoa Must Declare a State of Health Emergency for Urgent Nation-Wide Measles Immunization

Samoa’s immunization rate before the outbreak was as low as 10% and 75,000 children need to be immunized according to public health medical practitioners. Speaking to Samoa Global News on condition of not being named, a senior medical practitioner in Samoa says the death toll is now at 14 and things will only get worse […]

Update on the Measles Outbreak in Samoa

Couple Mourns the Loss of their Two Grandsons

Grandparents Samuelu and Tafoe Moors Samuelu-Isaako are facing the heartbreak of losing two of their grandsons in a matter of days, both suspected to be the latest deaths in Samoa’s measles epidemic. Samuelu and Tafoe’s 23 year old daughter Selema Samuelu lost the younger of her two children. Selema’s 1-year-old son died at the Motootua […]

How to Help Paediatric Ward Patients Cope with the Measles Crisis