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“The Tax Issue Cannot Be Tabled Again Until 2021” says General Secretary

24 Aperila 2019, Malua, Samoa. The Secretary General for the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa (CCCS) has confirmed that the decision of the Church to reject income tax on church ministers cannot be tabled at the Church annual general conference (fonotele) until 2021. Church Ministers (faifeau) in Samoa have always been exempt from paying taxes […]

Church Minister Shares Court Experience

Church Minister Shares Court Experience

The Vaiala Congregational Christian Church EFKS pastor, Reverend Iese Uele has shared his experience of having to stand in a court room and respond to charges following the EFKS Fonotele Conference decision to reject the Government tax reform that requires faifeaus to register and pay taxes on income received. Reverend Iese Uele is one of […]

EFKS Church to File Civil Claim in Supreme Court to Challenge Tax Laws