Organically Certified Village of Tafua in Savaii Hosts Talomua Event


The village of Tafua, Savaii hosted their Talomua on Thursday 5th May 2022. The village farmers showcased a variety of agricultural produce including root and tree crops, vegetables and fruits, as well as a display of beautifully woven fine mats and other handicrafts by the women of the village.

The event was organized and coordinated by the village Talomua committee. High chief Ulu Iakopo said all the agricultural produce displayed were grown and harvested from farms within the village.

“Our whole village of Tafua has been organically certified”.

In organising their Talomua event, Ulu Iakopo said they imposed a fine of $1,000 tala if a village member sourced agriculture produce for display from outside Tafua.

Mr. Iakopo on behalf of the village requested the government for assistance in providing street lights for the village roads as well as water tanks for their village school.

Photo: Government of Samoa

The Honourable Prime Minister, Fiame Naomi Mataafa, congratulated the village for hosting a successful event and reminded the villagers to fully utilize the numerous blessings we have in our lands and environment. The Prime Minister acknowledged the initiative by the Hon. Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Ministry in replacing the annual agriculture show with village and district Talomua events.

“This way, more farmers and fisheries around Samoa will have the opportunity to participate in Talomua events within their own villages or districts”.

The Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Laaulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao Fosi in his statement stressed the importance of these events and their contribution to  Samoa’s food security systems and encouraged the villagers to invest in raising livestock including chicken, pigs, cattle and sheep.

The Hon. Minister said Government plans to increase food and nutrition security, import substitution and exports, and establish a National Export and Import Authority for the benefit of the agriculture and fisheries sector.

The Ministry’s role will be to provide technical and facilitate financial support, and encourage our exporters to attend the events and negotiate supply arrangements with the farmers displaying their agricultural produce for exports. The Minister also said work is underway to establish a packhouse in Savai’i.

The Ministry provided five hundred seedlings of coconut, vegetables and fruit trees, packets of vegetable seeds as well as some farming tools and equipment for the farmers of Tafua.