SVSG Urges Public to Keep White Sunday Celebrations Safe


There has been the normal rush and a sense of urgency amongst parents this week in the lead up to the annual celebration of children in Samoa this weekend. White Sunday to celebrate our.chdre

As a child safe organisation, Samoa Victim Support Group is always on the alert during this time of the year, in the interest of the children at risk of being abused in the home. 

Over the years SVSG has observed the increased risks of violent incidents during the White Sunday holiday; where children are either directly or indirectly impacted by the financial stress that the parents usually go through, in trying to cater for the children and their special day.

“As is often the case with holidays – crime and violence tend to follow. Even on White Sunday, many children are still not safe against harm and experience violence despite the meaning of this celebration,” says SVSG Chairperson Ms Georgina Lui..

“So as the parents are busy preparing to put up a White Sunday to remember for their children this year, let us consider ourselves blessed, that we still have our families.  With the global pandemic, there are many children who have been left orphaned due to COVID-19”

Launch of Saving Lives Campaign 20 Sept 2019. Photo: SVSG.

“SVSG’s gentle reminder to the parents is to please, be patient, be gentle, and be more caring towards the children.. 

“Because sometimes, what our children need the most from parents on this special day, are not new clothes, or shoes, but merely your time, your understanding and your love..

“We kindly ask to keep this holiday violence free, never forgetting our responsibilities as parents to always protect and safeguard our children”.

SVSG reminds the public of their Helpline number 800-7874 available as a free call 24/7. 

“If you are stressed and need someone to talk to, call us.  If you are experiencing violence but are afraid or embarrassed to tell someone, call us. If you are witnessing violence, be that voice for the abused. Call us, because at SVSG, we support, we help, we care, we are your family”.

“On that note, SVSG wishes to remind the public that White Sunday is a special day dedicated to the celebration of our young ones. I take this opportunity also to wish all the children of Samoa a safe, and enjoyable White Sunday 2021.  Know that you are special, as you are a gift from God.”

Georgina Lui, Chair of the SVSG Board.

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