SVSG Survivors Orange the World in Hope for 16 Days of Activism

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A Chorus of voices from the children survivors of violence is adding an optimistic sound to orange the world with hope, during the 16 Days of Activism Campaign 2021.

Celebrating the opening of the Campaign the best way they know how, the children at the Campus of Hope under the care of Samoa Victim Support Group, are becoming advocates of violence free communities. They spend time with visiting members of the community and help them to reflect on a world free of violence.

“We continue to witness the resilience of our children here at the Campus of Hope, and that is a great advantage during their healing process,” said Siliniu Lina Chang, SVSG Director and Founder.


Vacancy Announcement

“The SVSG survivors have been through physical, sexual and emotional abuse, as well as neglect, and exploitation.  These are the main types of abuse in which the children of hope have been affected by, one way of another..

“These are the child protection issues SVSG, as a child rights agency and a child protection advocate, deals with on a daily basis. It is SVSG’s mandate to ensure that these children are rescued, restored and healed through psychosocial support programs at the Campus,” said Siliniu.

The SVSG Director reiterates that unlike the physical wounds, the emotional abuse of the children remain hidden scars that continue to impact survivors.  “It is only through the power of prayer, of time and of the relevant psychosocial support, that the children can heal from the scars of emotional abuse,” adds Siliniu.

Chair of SVSG Board of Directors, Ms Georgina Lui acknowledged families and friends from the Fijian community, coordinated by Matter Avishek Kumur and Rajnesh Rg, who played a crucial role in the 16 Days of Activism celebrations at the Campus.

“They reminded the children that love does not discriminate, no matter the situation, color, race or gender. Faafetai tele lava”, said Georgina Lui.