SVSG Helped Over 75 Measles Related Deaths

We feel uplifted and encouraged by the overwhelming love shown by our people.

Sui o le TACT mai Aukilani Niu Sila ma le Faatonu o le SVSG

The Samoa Victim Support Group helped over 75 families who lost their babies and children to the measles.

SVSG Director Siliniu Lina Chang said over 75 families reached out to them for assistance during the measles epidemic and they were able to assist with sourcing coffins and other funeral-related costs for the babies who had died, some of them in their own homes without seeking medical attention.

Siliniu says the support they were able to give during the heightened time of the measles outbreak was made possible by the assistance they received from individuals and organisations.

“We feel uplifted and encouraged by the overwhelming love shown by our people,” said Siliniu.

One such organisation is the Auckland based Charitable Trust, The Alofa Charitable Trust (TACT) who made a donation of ST$2000 tala.

TACT is an established partner of the Samoa Victim Support Group who so similar work in Auckland for vulnerable groups of Samoa and Pacific people.

Members of TACT during an earlier visit to SVSG.

TACT Director Levaoatuamaaana Aati-Schuster sent a message of support to SVSG, “Remembering you always in prayer as you reach out to our families who have lost children to the measles. Well done for all the hard work.”

T.A.C.T continues to partner with SVSG on community projects such as the support for school fees that has taken some of the child vendors off the streets of Apia and back to school under SVSG’s Hot Soup Skill Building Program. This program has provided opportunity for mainstream education for child vedors who are now as young as 4 and 5 years old seen selling goods in Apia.

“Thank you so much Levā and the team for always reaching out to support SVSG and its program for our people here in Samoa. We wish you and your families a most prosperous new year in God’s grace.” Siliniu Lina Chang, SVSG President

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