SVSG Fundraising Raised over $1,057,100 to Date with Pledges Locally and Internationally Still Coming In

"ST$1,057,105.11 has been raised to date, with pledges locally and internationally, continuing to come in"


The Samoa Victim Support Group held an Online Fundraising event last Saturday, and have today announced a total of ST$1,057,105.11 has been raised to date, with pledges locally and internationally, continuing to come in.

When the Saving Lives Fundraising campaign was launched in May this year, President Siliniu Lina Chang had appealed to SVSG’s growing family of supporters, to join in the fundraising event.

“Remember, we are stronger together; and as a Family, we can continue to save lives of the abused and the most vulnerable amongst us.”

All funds raised will go towards the continuation of SVSG’s support services, as core funding for staff salaries and operational costs of the Campus of Hope shelter facility which houses victims and survivors of gender-based violence.

The fundraising event was held at the Samoa Tourism Authority Fale at Matagi-alalua with the programme broadcast live on the Jano Production Facebook, ET Live Facebook, SVSG Facebook and the Government of Samoa Radio and TV stations, between 8am until 4pm.

Siliniu says the response from the Samoa community both locally and abroad has simply been humbling with donations coming in from the SVSG growing family, government, diplomatic corps, development partners and supporters.

“Fa’afetai! Fa’afetai! Fa’afetai le alofa ma le agalelei.”

“Who are we that you give, and give so generously? Your support, your messages of encouragement, and even some of our families from overseas, who flew over specifically for the event, before returning to New Zealand, Australia and the United States, is simply humbling.”

“How about the church and village leaders who walked to the office from May when this fundraising event was launched up to date, with monetary donation towards the cause? Our cup overflows!”

“We also acknowledge with gratitude our New Zealand-based promotional partners Faimalo Allan; Winonah Stowers and the team at PacificEzy and Moana Rentals; the lively co-hosts of Tui Eddie Taualapii and Ronna Lee; the man with the ‘Can Do’ mentality, Iuliano S Leilua of the JANO Production, Fusi Safotulafai, the Police Band for the lively music, the Fire & Emergency Services Authority and the growing SVSG family who have generously given their time, effort and money to support our cause.”

Siliniu says that in time, the full list of all donations received towards the Saving Lives Fundraising Campaign will be published.

“From the Board, management, staff, volunteers and the network of SVSG Village Representatives, thank you to each and everyone for your contribution towards the sustainability of our support services, for the abused and the most vulnerable members of our community,” concluded the SVSG President.