Sunday Toanai Buffet at Your Favourite Hotel is Back

The dessert bar at Taumeasina Island Resort buffets


Locals can now enjoy Sunday toanai or order off the menu and relax at their favorite hotel, with the easing of State of Emergency orders.

Announced yesterday effective this Sunday 5th July, hotels can now continue to serve non-accommodation guests as was previously imposed.

Hotels such as Taumeasina Island Resort offers a Sunday buffet, popular amongst locals especially for special occasions.

Hotels and Restaurants: New Amendments
(a) non-guests are permitted to have lunch and dinner on Sundays from 12:00 noon – 10:00pm.

The easing now also allows those who take a break from cooking on Sundays to be able to order their favorite plates from restaurants.

Restaurants are opened:
(a) for Sunday from 12:00 noon to 10:00pm for take away only;

The Sina Restaurant at TIR

The amendments now also allows lotu tuufatasi of various congregations, and for church groups to have toanai on Sundays as is often the practice when there is a visiting preacher.

Public gatherings:
(a) combined church services (tapuaiga tuufaatasi), meetings and Tofiga a Ekalesia are permitted but attendance is restricted to 50 couples;
(b) social distancing of 2 meters is to be observed; and
(c) the church Minister (faifeau) is to ensure the 2 meter social distancing in the church is adhered to.

Church and Congregations only can have luncheons (to’onai) on Sunday.

Despite popular demand from weekend commuters to and from Savaii, the Inter-island domestic ferry services between Upolu and Savaii is still banned.

“The rest of the State of Emergency Orders is still in force. This Order commences on 5th July 2020.”