Strictly NO PASSENGERS on Cargo Vessel Taking Essential Supplies to Savaii


The Government has issued a firm warning that sailings authorised between Upolu and Savaii during the current 72-hour lockdown are strictly for the movement of cargo and essential supplies to the Big Island.

A cargo vessel left Mulifanua wharf this morning, at 10am for cargo and supplies to Savaii.

The Statement is published below in verbatim:


Following the provisions of the State of Emergency (SOE) Order 63, (as listed in order 4 (3)), all domestic travel by Planes, Boats, and Ferries are prohibited except for the authorized cargo vessel permitted on the 26th January 2022 for the purposes of offloading, refueling and the restock of necessary supplies only.

The general public is also advised that NO PERSON IS ALLOWED ON THIS CHARTED CARGO VESSEL, departing from Mulifanua Wharf at 10:00am.

The public is advised that any person is liable for a penalty under the Orders of the State of Emergency if contravenes any restrictions.

We appreciate the public’s understanding and continuous support in keeping Samoa safe in these trying times.