Start believing that with God on your side , You can do all things


Happy Tuesday Saints.

As we saw yesterday, “ELIJAH WAS A HUMAN BEING, EVEN AS WE ARE.” (James 5:17)

In 1 Kings 19:4 this great prophet and mighty man of God was so exhausted and overwhelmed that “HE PRAYED THAT HE MIGHT DIE.” He told God that he’d had enough and asked Him to take his life.

God, of course, didn’t answer such a prayer but instead, gave Elijah what he really needed, some rest and something to eat.

We all have moments where we feel like we’ve had enough, like we can’t take any more. The struggles that we face can be overwhelming and they can seem unbearable.

God ALWAYS KNOWS what you’re going through and He ALWAYS KNOWS what you need.

He’s not expecting you to be like Superman but if you’ll trust Him, He will add the EXTRA to your ORDINARY so that with Him, you can do the EXTRAORDINARY!

The difference between an ordinary life and an extraordinary one is FAITH!

So when you read about the incredible things that God’s people did in the Bible, start believing that with God on your side – YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

Their lives weren’t perfect and they weren’t without trials and tribulations, but God gave them the strength and grace that they needed to persevere through adversity.

We serve an awesome God. He loves you dearly and He can help you live a life that is well beyond what you’re capable of on your own.

Have a wonderful day. God bless and lots’a love,

Pastor Warren Retzlaff