SSAB Team are all in School Uniform Today


07 February 2019, Apia Samoa.  The innovation at Samoa Stationery and Books continues with staff members across the 4 Upolu and 2 Savaii branches seen today wearing the school uniforms of all the different schools in Samoa.

Staff members of SSAB were all made to wear the uniform of the school they had attended as youngsters.

Speaking to Samoa Global News, Marketing Manager for SSAB, Asomua Asia Stanley says the initiative by the President and CEO of SSAB Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai aims to honour the schools that all her staff members, including herself had attended.

“The schools we attended contributed to who we are today, and the success in life that we enjoy now. This is the first time we have done something like this.”

Wearing their old school uniforms again brought out the youthfulness of the SSAB team. Everyone seemed to have a spring in their step, as they laughed and enjoyed the flashback moments of their high school lives.

“Just the first day of school, some were late, and others forgot to bring their lunch!” joked one staff member.

Asomua Asia explains that, “It is also for us to celebrate literacy and education as well as commemorate the continuous efforts by our parents.”

The SSAB team plan to continue their “School Uniform” day in the future and are looking to expand it to include a fundraising activity for the schools.

“Come next year the event will be treated as a fundraising for all the schools, for example I went to St Joseph’s college, we we will have a box for SJC and all the other schools, for SSAB old pupils to make donations.”

“We can contribute into that box and whatever amount we get, we can either donate the money or buy something to hand over to those schools.”

“We praise God for this great idea. It’s been years since I graduated from my school and putting back my old school uniform brings back so many memories.”

SSAB Team at Lotemau