SSAB Takes Roadshow to the Tokelau Islands


In its continued expansion, Samoa Stationery and Books have taken their products to the Tokelau Islands. SSAB Samoa staff arrived last week and set up up shop at the Talikilagi house in Nukunonu.

Marlene Mulipola and Delores Maliota of SSAB Samoa took the boat across to the Tokelau Islands with a variety of stock and they report that the community have welcomed the availability of their products.


“This initiative was a vision our CEO had a while back, to bring the SSAB products to the islands!”

“What a great feeling it is watching the children pick and choose their Christmas gifts, and a few weeks early even 😊”

SSAB Samoa have taken products that the people of the Tokealau Island do not usually have available to them.

“We brought lots of speakers, laptops, Christmas decorations and much more!”

SSAB are sending another shipment of stock with the weekly boat that travels between Samoa and the Tokelau Islands.