SSAB Supports SVSG Nofotane Group to Empower Women


SSAB (Samoa Stationery and Book Limited) continues its stance to promote awareness on ending violence against women  and children through the launch of a new partnership with the SVSG Nofotane group that focuses on the economic empowerment of women.

Launched last month, the partnership supports and sustains developing businesses for women in the SVSG Nofotane Group through sales of $2,000.00 tala.

SSABs support for the initiative to end violence in Samoa has been ongoing with staff wearing orange to work on the 25th day of every month.

“This has been an ongoing awareness activity by the company since the launching of the EVAWG campaign by UN Women in collaboration with the Government of Samoa and Australia three years ago”, says SSAB’s marketing and communications manager, Asomua Anastasia Stanley.

SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang and Asomua Anastasia Stanley.

This newly formed partnership with Nofotane has been driven by the passion of SSAB CEO, Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai.

“Tofilau wanted to do more to empower women and families, and that has led to this partnership with SVSG Nofotane group”.

Through the partnership with SVSG, SSAB has been able to provide product and marketing advice to over 10 women from the Nofotane Group.

“We have helped them on promoting and selling an assortment of handmade Nofotane products ranging from; earrings, ie lavalava (sarongs), Areta baskets, jewelry, fala masi (woven mats) to name a few,” said Asomua. 

“Weve been doing it since the 25th of July, and SSAB receives no profit from sales. All proceeds go to SVSG Nofotane Group”. 

On behalf of SSAB; Marketing Manager Asomua Asia Stanley presented a cheque of $2,000 tala to SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang yesterday at the SVSG headquarters.

According to SVSG President Siliniu Lina Chang, SSAB is the first company to partner with SVSG in selling and promoting Nofotane products.

“SSAB is the first company to directly approach us wanting to help these small local businesses of women in the Nofotane Group,“ Siliniu said.

Since July to August SSAB has made total sales of $2,000 tala from selling hand-made products. 

“We would like to thank Tofilau for her charitable heart, to help empower so many women from Nofotane Group. These women have expressed their sincere gratitude numerous times, in earning an income to support their families with the help of SSAB,”

“SSAB does not receive a profit or anything from this partnership. However we all know SSAB’s work and good hearts does not go unnoticed by the Lord. May His favor and blessings be upon SSAB continuously. Faafetai, faafetai tele lava Tofilau,” said the SVSG President. 

The President of SVSG and the President/CEO of SSAB wish to acknowledge the support from the people of Samoa that came to SSAB Megastore and buy SVSG Nofotane products.

Furthermore SSAB has confirmed continuing its partnership with SVSG Nofotane Group and urges the support from the community to come and buy SVSG Nofotane products sold at SSAB Megastore.