SSAB Staff Tik Tok Competition Spreading Positive Vibes


When the state of emergency was announced and lockdown for Samoa started, our Management team at SSAB wanted to come up with a way to keep the spirits up, amongst staff.

Our Theme last year for SSAB’s 10th Birthday which was at the height of the measles epidemic, was “Positive Christmas”.

Our CEO decided to continue that positive drive through to this year, so on the 7th of each month, SSAB celebrates with a “Red Positive Day” where we have super specials on selected products on that day.

Seeing that TIK TOK was the new ‘IN’ thing, our Management decided that we should host a Staff Competition. Our CEO generously offered to donate the prizes for the most entertaining clips  😊 (Thank you Boss!)

I wasn’t going to enter (because you know…I’m shy. Lol. ), but I have friends (looks at Mrs. Strawberry/Marketing Manager, Asomua Asia) – who always tell me that I can do it…that I’m priddy…that I’m smart and talented..that I am strong etc… (from your heart a sis??? lol). So I entered. We all need those kinds of friends aye?

I have stuck to enacting the faleaitu from Petelo and the late Sumeo because it only requires my face to move! lol

Its all about facials 😜

I don’t know many Samoan-born comedians, but Petelo and Sumeo were always my favorite.

It was great to see the positive response from our SSAB friends on facebook. I don’t know if they show the faleaitu from that duo on tv anymore but it was a good throwback for most of us.

I would recognize those voices anywhere and I am sure a lot of you older folks can too 😄

Petelo n Sumeo

What was also great, was seeing the talent our staff and our babies have. Take Lupe for instance, our Sales Manager Dora Tuiletufuga Malele’s second daughter and my personal favorite for obvious reasons…lol. She’s feisty! She’s got the facials, the looks, and so much wit for someone so young!

Then there’s Fa’alava’au Ericah (Ericah Siliato Darvince) our Marketing Manager at SSAB Savaii who is getting her Beyonce moves on AND slaying AND getting proposals here and there. Lol.

Then there’s Poima (imadop queenofhearts vito) with HER amazing dance moves….

That’s yet another thing I like about working at SSAB. We don’t just work, we also have lots of fun.

Our CEO always encourages us to utilize our gifts: sports, singing, dancing, writing, acting etc…

Our competition has ended and our Marketing Team tells me it was a success, thank God!

We had heaps of fun putting these TIK TOK clips together. Even when the comp ends, the clips are all still out there for people to watch.

I really hope we were able to spread some POSITIVE VIBES to our friends, family and just anyone who needed a little sunshine to brighten their day during this tough time 😊

They say laughter is the best medicine…so have a laugh on us! Lol.

#SSABNumber1Store #SSABStayPositive #SSABStaySafe