SSAB Receives Kyocera International Award for Performance Excellence


SSAB has been recognised by the Kyocera conglomerate with an international award for performance excellence.

The 100% Achievement Award was reveiced by SSAB Chief Executive Officer, Afioga Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai and General Counsel of SSAB, Aumua Ming Leung Wai, who attended the ceremony for all Kyocera partners in the Pacific, including Australia and New Zealand.

Kyocera is a long standing partner of SSAB and the 100 Percent Award recognizes the hard work and dedication of SSAB as well as its commitment and outstanding performance in its print and copier area.

SSAB is the exclusive agent of Kyocera in Samoa supplying the Samoan market with reliable, easy to use and high quality copiers and printers for many years.

The Chief Executive Officer of SSAB Afioga Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai firstly acknowledged God for His favour and guidance over SSAB and extended her acknowledgement to all SSAB’s customers and users of Kyocera Copiers and Printers.

CEO Tofilau also acknowledged the dedication and hard work of her Copier Technicians who provide ongoing customer support for all Kyocera products.