SSAB Has Uniforms and All Your Back to School Needs

SSAB is your One-Stop Shop for Back to School needs.


It’s Back to School season and Samoa Stationery and Books (SSAB) has a supply of school uniforms in stock, as well as everything parents seek such as text books, stationery, school bags, lunch boxes and shoes.

Responding to questions from Samoa Global News, SSAB Marketing Manager Asomua Asia Stanley confirmed that SSAB has in stock affordable ready-made school uniforms, as well as the option of having a set sewn by their in-house seamstresses.

“The most important part of any parent’s preparations for their child’s back to school needs is their uniform,” said Asomua.

“We are happy to announce that in addition to ready-made, SSAB also has in-house seamstresses and sewers that can prepare a set of uniforms immediately”.

SSAB also gives parents the option of purchasing material only, with a wide range school uniform colors available.

Sosefina of SSAB Uniform section with various school uniform material.

This week Eveni Carruthers in a press release confirmed that they will not have their school uniform supplies until early March, due to precautionary measures taken by the NEOC in denying entry for cargo ship, MV Coral Islander.

Asomua Asia says parents need not panic, as SSAB has adequate supply on hand.

Asomua Anastasia ‘Asia’ Stanley, SSAB Marketing Manager.

“Our collared shirts for boys and girls are as low as $12.80, with prices depending on size and colour,” says Asomua.

The marked prices, confirms Asomua are before the Back to School discount has been taken out.

“It is a further 20% OFF all school uniforms”, says Asomua grinning with excitement .

Asomua says the 20% off applies to all stationery and SSAB is well stocked with exercise books of all sizes.

“That section of SSAB is fully stocked with the commonly sought after 1B5, 1E4, 2B5, 2B6, 2B8….

“Those are all the popular exercise books used in school for both primary and college,” adds Asomua.

“Moreover we have a variety of erasers, pencils, pencil cases, ball pens, mathematical sets, scientific calculators.. and so much more..

“Oh, and don’t forget that SSAB also stocks the must-have seevae tosotoso jandals for students and the popular ‘havaiana’ brand,” Asomua reminds.

SSAB’s Back to School Specials will continue until March to allow parents a longer period of time to purchase school supplies for their children’s 2021 school year.

SSAB’s 20% OFF Back to School Sale is available to customers at the main Togafuafua branch, as well as branches at Vaitele, Vaivase and the Lotemau Building – and Salelologa for residents of Savaii.

SSAB is your One-Stop Shop for Back to School needs.

Marieta H Ilalio