SSAB Credits God for 15 Awesome Years of Service to Samoa

“It was never easy but with God’s guidance, our team’s diligence and hardwork; SSAB thrived through the challenges along the way”


One of the fastest growing companies in the country, SSAB, just turned fifteen and its Chief Eecutive Officer, Afioga Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai immediately credited God for His favour and protection over SSAB all these years.

“It was never easy but with God’s guidance, our team’s diligence and hardwork; SSAB thrived through the challenges along the way” said CEO Tofilau.

The dedication of the Management and Staff over the years was also acknowledged by CEO Tofilau and General Counsel Tuatagaloa Aumua.

“We are thankful for your hard work and hearts for SSAB. We appreciate your awesome work and great contribution to the growth of our company” said CEO Tofilau.

The SSAB family gathered at its headquarters Saturday morning for the launch of its 15th birthday and Awesome Christmas promotion. The launch was opened with a prayer to thank and glorify God for blessing SSAB with fifiteen years.
According to CEO Tofilau, SSAB was set up in 2008 with only four employees and fifteen years later the company now employs more than two hundred employees.


During and post covid SSAB fought hard to keep and look after all its employees and CEO Tofilau continuously praises and thanks the Lord that none of SSAB’s employee was asked to leave or not getting paid because of covid.

“This is why I always want to have our Thanksgiving service every month. I want to thank and praise the Lord for his endless love and protection upon SSAB.
I also want to remind my Staff that it’s because of God’s goodness and favour, that our work at SSAB is continuously blessed” said CEO Tofilau.

A grateful heart and happy spirit were core values emphasized by CEO Tofilau at the launch of SSAB’s 15th Birthday and Awesome Christmas promotion 2023.
CEO Tofilau articulated that it’s significant for her Staff to have grateful hearts. We must always be grateful to God. We must be grateful that we’re celebrating our 15th birthday and that we’re all in good health. They say grateful people are happy people. We need to be grateful to complete our blessings, retain our blessings and to receive more blessings as that is the Lord’s heart.

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Jeremiah 29 vs 11 states that the Lord wants us to proser, have hope and a future.

Every year, SSAB never forgets to include all its customers in the celebration of its birthdays and Christmas promotions.
This year, the company has offered a 100 prizes to win every day from now until the 23rd of this month, unbeatable specials from all its product-departments and free goodies gifts for the first hundred and fifty customers for Friday and Saturday.

SSAB’s Assistant CEO of Sales and Marketing, Asomua Asia Stanley explained that this is SSAB’s biggest promotion of the year because of the high number of prizes for customers to win and all our product-departments have great specials for the customers.

SSAB APIA SAMOA’s Facebook page was flooded with congratulatory remarks from SSAB customers in Samoa and around the globe for SSAB’s 15th birthday.

Many had thanked SSAB for continuously having sales promotions and discounted specials which have assisted them and their families in Samoa

“Your Facebook page is our go-to-page because we want to see if there are new specials or any discounts on items that we want to buy from your store. Thank you for always thinking of your customers” said one of the customers on SSAB APIA SAMOA FB page.

CEO Tofilau, Counsel Tuatagaloa Aumua, Management and Staff acknowledge the support from all customers of SSAB in Samoa and abroad.

“We are sincerely grateful for all your support for the past fifteen years. Thank you for always buying from us. We pray for God’s blessings upon you and your families.

We also extend our acknowledgement to Maiava Jody Toleafoa-Meleisea her husband Fata Meleisea and their beautiful daughter Athena for their support of our 15th Birthday. Ia saga fa’amanuia Le Atua” said CEO Tofilau.