SNPF Special Payout for ALL Contributors – Even those Out of Work or in Arrears


The Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa National Development Fund, Pauli Prince Suhren has confirmed that a special pay out to commemorate the Fund’s 50th birthday is expected to be distributed this month, for all fund contributors.

“Ona o le faamomoe o le 50 Iupeli auro a le Ofisa, o lea ua iai le tatou pasene poo le tului faameaalofa..”

The distribution, said Pauli, will include all members or those who have contibutions, including those who are currently out of work and even those whose accounts are in arrears.

“This is for all contributors; whether you are working or not working, and whether you’re in arrears or not in arrears, everyone will receive this..”

“E le faapea na’o tagata faigaluega, e le’o faia faapena. E maua uma lava le meaalofa e le tatou au faisaofaga, pe faigaluega pe le faigaluega pe arrears pe le arrears e maua lava le faamoemoe lea.”

Pauli was outlining the SNPF’s programme via a special online announcement last Saturday 2nd April 2022.

He did not say what the amount or percentage of the intended special payout would be.

In an earlier announcement on 26 March 2022, Pauli made known that an Online Portal is now available for all SNPF members to register and process online loan applicants for small loans known as the “loan entitlement”.  This is a line of financing where contributors are entitled to loan a certain percentage of their contribution.

Pauli urged all SNPF members to register on the portal and said loan applications could be processed from the 27th of March, adding that a member had to have a mininum contribution of $230 tala before applying for the entitlement.

Regarding the annual dividend payout to contributors, Pauli said it was important for members to register on the online portal, as this would be the form of distribution used to disburse members dividends.

Pauli did not say what the annual dividend was for contributors from fund profits of the past financial year.