Small Business Vendors in Savaii Can’t Wait for Election Rush



The compulsory “must cast your vote in your constituency” rule is in effect for the first time this election, and thousands of voters who live and earn a living in Upolu must make their way to Savaii this weekend, in time for voting this Friday.

One small busines youth entrepreneur is excited and says, “It’s good for business”.

Christina Tasi attends Salelologa Primary School, but helps her parents out with a shift of selling drink cans and chips at the Salelologa wharf each day. She takes the rush of people coming off the ferry at from Upolu at 3pm, and leaving Salelologa for Upolu at 4pm each day.

The small business venture is run by her parents and she says her Mom and Dad work the morning shifts while she and her siblings are at school..

She says today has been a slow day, but can’t wait for the rush expected in Salelologa towards the end of the week.

“Silou lava gei, ae seki gei le weekend pe a kumu mai kagaka o le paloka”.

“Today was a slow day, but its going to be seki in the weekend with the election rush”, she says.

Accommodation and rental cars are completely booked out this week Thursday and Friday, as tens of thousands of voters make their way to the Big Island to cast their vote for the April 9th Samoa General Elections.

Christina Tasi sells soda cans for $2.50 and packets of snacks that range from $1 to $2 tala.

She says since there are two days set aside as official public holidays for he general elections, she will be able to earn more with the rush of people to Savaii.

“Magaia gei aso ga e lua,” she says smiling..

She adds, “if you’re coming to Savaii for elections, look out for me at the Salelologa wharf”.

Samoa Shipping Corporation says the rush to Savaii begins tomorrow (Wednesday) with ferry travels fully booked to and from the Big Island.

In terms of business there is a three day ban on alcohol ban in Samoa from Wednesday 7th until the day after elections, Saturday 10th of April 2021. Government says this is an effort to ensure a peaceful election.

God bless Samoa General Elections 2021.